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Spanish Learning News

How do You Say “Pain in the Neck or Ass” in Spanish?

Directly translating common English figures of speech into Spanish usually doesn’t work. For example, a “Pain in the Neck” in English when translated literally into Spanish doesn’t make sense at all. Instead they say a phrase “dolor de muelas” which translates directly to “Pain in the Molar”. Key Takeaways: Figures of speech . . . 
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How Les Learned Spanish at age 74 – Video

It’s a real honor when our customers buy our program, follow our instructions and get the results that we hoped for and that they hoped for. Les Jameson bought our Spanish 1, 2 & 3 package on October 11, 2015 and he made this video on November 21, 2016. He . . . 
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How to Use Spanish Movies to Learn Spanish.

Everyone wants to learn languages by watching videos, but most people don’t learn much from the Spanish movies that they watch. 
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A Language Learning Tip That I Like

At we have some great software for learning Spanish.  But we don’t remotely think that we have all the good ideas. This video shows a language learning tip that we like:
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Apologies in Spanish – Disculpas

Spanish has a lot of ways to say, “I’m sorry.”  Fortunately we have a great lesson that covers may of the common ways to say things like, “I’m sorry, it shouldn’t have happened that way, please forgive me and I promise it won’t happen again.” Of course it probably will . . . 
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How to Study Our Spanish Grammar Lessons

We have had several people ask us for Spanish grammar lessons — so we made some for several common Spanish verbs. To find them first log in, then click on “Select Your Next Lesson” and go to the page that displays lessons 61 to 80.  The names of the lessons . . . 
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What to Do When You Can’t Study Spanish

We implemented a new “My Stats” page that will let you measure how much you study.  Naturally, I got so excited about measuring my progress that I studied so much that I got a sore throat! Today I was trying to find something to help me learn Spanish (that didn’t . . . 
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Learning Spanish (and making new Spanish lessons) in Cancun Mexico!

Cancun is great.  If you’ve seen the pictures of white sandy beaches, blue water and friendly Mexicans serving pina coladas in beach bars, yep it’s all true. I’m here in Cancun to improve my Spanish and to help you improve yours.  It’s great to have a LOT of people around . . . 
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Tell Your Own Story in Spanish

Spanish study update: What do we like to talk about the most? Ourselves of course! That’s why one of the first things you should learn in Spanish (after greetings and compliments) is to tell you own story. 
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Why You Should Study in Public

Spanish study update: I had an incredibly pleasant language experience today. The kind that I want you to have. Here’s how it happened. 
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